About Gemini Safety Consultants

Gemini Safety Consultants were established with the goal of providing the very best in legionella risk assesments, control and prevention in the North East. We operate across the entire of the North East, from Northumberland to North Yorkshire and everywhere in between. We help landlords and letting agents by ensuring their properties are legionella-free, by carrying out risk assessments and implementing the necessary control and prevention measures.

How can Gemini Safety Consultants help?

Carrying out regular legionella risk assessments is a legal requirement and must be done by law, in exactly the same way in which a gas safety check needs to be carried out. At Gemini Safety Consultants, we can handle the process from start to finish:

  • We have only employed staff with all the relevant qualifications to be deemed competent enough to carry out Legionella risk assesments.
  • We liase directly with the tennants.
  • Unlike most Legionella consultants, we will not charge for a “No Access”. We will keep going back as many times as it takes to gain entry and you will not be charged extra.
  • We will educate any new tennants that move into your property and give them a fact sheet on legionella and how to reduce the risk, thus adhering to various legislation and ACOP L8.
  • We will keep the Legionella Risk Assessment with your property file, so if the HSE need to inspect, we have all the information in one place.
  • We keep our prices competitive.

Legionella: Assess, Control & Prevent

Gemini Safety Consultants provide a range of Legionella safety services, including risk assessment, controlling the risk and preventing the risk in future. For information on our Services, click the link.

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